What’s The Scoop, Poop?

You guessed it. This stinky post is all about poop. And for a change of pace, it is featuring my youngest son, Oliver, who is currently 2 years old. I will be writing this like a journal entry as it is a week-long process. So, plug your nose as I dive in to the “fun” adventure that is currently my life.


Oliver had his first appointment with a Pediatric Gastroenternologist due to his frequent diarrhea and severe acidity of all of his poops. His poor little butt cheeks were left with constant burn marks and diaper rash despite our best efforts in changing him right away. Dr. Tsai was great and we spoke about different causes. At his 2 year check up, his primary doctor had sent us upstairs for blood work which he handled like a champ! I am terrified of needles and he didn’t even seem to mind. He proudly showed off his sucker to everyone he passed in the halls as we left.

Dr. Tsai started with sending in a request to the hospital for x-rays of his abdomen. She was concerned that there might be a blockage in his intestines and was causing the frequent diarrhea and loose stool with the occasional small, solid poops. Hoping that it was going to be something that could be fixed without surgery. Her next step would to be testing the gut bacteria and seeing if he may have some form of celiac or other intestinal disease.

I was sent home with a stool collection kit. Two needed to be kept at room temperature, one refrigerated, and one frozen. Super fun, right? Since he is in a diaper i figure it would at least make the collecting part easier. No fish net, no toilet catcher.


After a very long day filled with appointments for both of the boys, we went to the hospital closest to us and Ollie got his x-ray done. The tech was absolutely amazed and said she had never seen a more well-behaved 2-year-old in there before. He climbed right up on the table, laid down, and didn’t move a single muscle the entire time! Unheard of, am I right?! So, I look at the image on the screen and, to my untrained eye, can see 2 very long and thick masses with the rippling that is consistent with the intestinal tract.


I got a call from the doctor’s office and got him scheduled up with a nutritionist because he has been under the 0 percentile for over a year. He has his own slow-growing curve but it’s under the actual baseline. Later, I get another call saying that he does in fact have 2 large obstructions in his intestines. Monday I will be collecting stool samples since the labs are closed on the weekends, and then Tuesday will be his first day of a Miralax colon cleanse where he is not able to eat anything solid for a full day, possibly 2, and can only drink clear liquids. We have to wait until he has a clear and watery discharge from his rectum and then he can take 1/4 of the Miralax dose and resume eating again. If, for some reason, he still has not had the clear, watery discharge while being taken off of foods after day 2 then he will have to go back in to the doctor and what may occur will be an extraction surgery.


Today I had to scoop poop out of Oliver’s diaper and put into specimen containers. I had poop in my fridge and in my freezer! Ew. It took a full 24 hours to get 3 collected.


Today was crazy. We went to the town south of us for Killian’s OT session, then to the town East of us for his BT appointment. Realized that I still had to collect one more sample and then take them all to the lab and was already at the 24 hour mark. So, I rushed back to town, my husband pulled the diaper out of the Diaper Genie that he had just finished changing, and without a glove on, grabbed a hunk of shit and put it in the cup! I was gagging. So gross! Anyways, I twist the lid on, toss it in the brown bag with the other 3, and rush out the door to the lab in order to make it back for yet another therapy session. After that, I came back home and grabbed Oliver, left Killian home with Daddy, and went back to Portland for Ollie’s gastrointestinal appointment with Dr. Tsai.

Dr. Tsai had the results already from the lab and nothing abnormal was showing. So she ordered another x-ray to do on Thursday and told me to put Oliver on a MiraLax diet. Meaning, he was not allowed to eat ANYTHING and could only drink clear liquids all while having obscene amounts of MiraLax in it. The goal of this it to clear out his intestines and bowels and remove the blockages. We have to do this for 24-48 hours until he has clear, liquid poop. If he doesn’t have that after the 48 hours on this diet then he will be coming back in and we will be discussing the next steps, like an enema or surgery.


Day 1 of MiraLax diet was SO hard! I felt so bad not being allowed to let him eat anything. He screamed and cried all day. He is 2; he doesn’t understand why I am not allowing him to eat. Every time Killian would eat, I would make him go outside to the patio table so that brother wouldn’t see him. It was a very long day. I ended up calling and the nurse said that he could have Jell-O and popsicles but by 3pm he was so sick and tired of those and refusing to eat it. I had to give him some melatonin to help him sleep since he would just scream and cry in his bed. Mom guilt is hitting extra hard.


Around 2pm Oliver had clear runny poop! He got to eat again after that and he was SO happy. Poor buddy. Tomorrow is the x-ray to make sure it all got cleared out.


We went and did the x-ray after taking Killian to VBS this morning. We should hear back today or tomorrow with the results.


Well, Oliver now has one giant blockage. My guess is that the innermost blockage shifted through the cleansing period and joined forces with the outermost blockage to form one colossal obstruction. This means that this weekend will be yet another 24-48 hours of starving my poor sweet boy.


I hope we never have to go through this again. Zeb and I talked about it tonight after enduring another day of Ollie not being able to eat anything and we would rather have him go under the knife and them scoop out all of the obstructions, knowing that they are all gone, than have to make him go through this anymore and it be a guessing game of, “Will it work? Will it not work?”


I gave him a little bit of applesauce this morning and right after he grabbed his butt and signed the word, “poop.” So I checked him and it was just clear and wet!


Going in for yet another x-ray. Fingers crossed!


He is all clear!!! No more starving him! Now he has to be on a maintenance care plan with daily MiraLax. I have no clue how long this will have to last but from what it sounds like, it will be quite a while. I am hopeful that we will not have to go through any of this again.


-The Lazy Mama

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